Starter Kit with Arduino Uno
Availability: Stock: 18

Just getting started with Arduino? This Arduino kit has everything you need. Kit  ...

Based on 1 reviews.
Arduino Uno R3
Availability: Stock: 95

  Description: This is the new Arduino Uno R3. In addition to all the features o...

Arduino Jumper Cables (M/M) (65 Pack)
Availability: Stock: 55

Introduction Breadboard jumper wire 65pcs pack. Including 4 different length:200mm,165m...

MyDuino Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
Availability: Stock: 28

  Interested in making neat stuff with an Arduino but not sure where to start? Thi...

Arduino LCD Shield
Availability: Stock: 13

This is a very popular LCD Keypad shield for Arduino board. It can be directly plug onto t...

Based on 1 reviews.


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12V 16mm Blue LED Illuminated Metal Push Button
Availability: 10
These chrome-plated metal buttons are rugged and look real good while doing it! Simply drill a 16mm ..
Exclude GST: RM25.00
12V 60W Peltier Thermoelectric Cooler 40x40mm
Availability: 19
Thermoelectric coolers (TEC or Peltier) create a temperature differential on each side. One side get..
RM47.70 RM37.10
Exclude GST: RM35.00
20W Adjustable DC-DC Buck Converter with Digital Display
Availability: 5
This is a 20W adjustable DC-DC buck converter module with digital display. It is based on LM2596 3A ..
Exclude GST: RM45.00
6V Mini Vacuum Pump
Availability: 3
This is DC mini electric vacuum pump.   It has been used widely, like blood pressure moni..
Exclude GST: RM60.00
Arduino and Breadboard Holder
Availability: 5
Description: This base plate holds an Arduino and a self-adhesive clear breadboard and provids ..
Exclude GST: RM12.00
Assembled Pi T-Cobbler Plus - GPIO Breakout - for RasPi A+/B+/Pi 2/Pi 3
Availability: 5
The Raspberry Pi B+, Pi 2 and Pi 3 have landed on the Maker World like a 40-GPIO pinned, quad-USB po..
Exclude GST: RM38.00
Digital Multimeter - Basic
Availability: 2
Introduction The digital multimeter (DMM) is an essential tool in every electronic enthusiasts ar..
Exclude GST: RM90.00
Digital Thermometer
Availability: 20
Are you still looking for a low cost thermometer? Did you get one? Aha! Here it is! This is a new wa..
Exclude GST: RM25.00
Flat 0.3M HDMI Cable for Raspberry Pi
Availability: 1
Connect two HDMI devices together with this flat HDMI cable. It has nice molded grips for easy insta..
Exclude GST: RM25.00
High Grade Type A/B USB Cable for Arduino
Availability: Out of stock
This is a standard issue USB 2.0 cable, the most common A to B Male/Male type peripheral cable, the ..
Exclude GST: RM12.00
Immersible pump & Water tube
Availability: 3
 Introduction This immersible pump can be used to water your plants, make a fountain or wate..
Exclude GST: RM60.00
Large Arcade Button with LED - 60mm Blue
Availability: 5
BAM! This 60mm diameter arcade button is large and inviting and ready for all sorts of pressing and ..
RM37.10 RM26.50
Exclude GST: RM25.00
Liquid Pump - 350GPH (12v)
Availability: 2
Description: Do you have some liquids that you need to move? This fluid pump will move 350 gall..
Exclude GST: RM95.00
MyoWare Sensor Cable - Electrode Pads (3 connector)
Availability: 4
This is your simple three conductor sensor cable with electrode pad leads. These cables are 24" long..
Exclude GST: RM50.00
NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile - Brainwave Starter Kit
Availability: Pre Order
This is the Mindwave Mobile from NeuroSky, an EEG headset that safely measures and transfe..
Exclude GST: RM598.00
Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
Availability: Out of stock
This non-contact infrared thermometer makes it a breeze to take quick and accurate surface temperatu..
Exclude GST: RM148.00
Peristaltic Pump
Availability: Out of stock
Introduction Do you need to precisely dispense amounts of liquid for your preferred liquid amount..
Exclude GST: RM85.00
Rotary Encoder Module for Arduino
Availability: 3
The rotary encoder can count the pulse outputting times during the process of its rotation in positi..
Exclude GST: RM20.00
Self-adhesive Pure Copper Heatsink For Raspberry Pi
Availability: 3
This tiny little orange heatsink is a perfect solution for cooling off small surface-mount component..
Exclude GST: RM10.00
Solder-able Breadboard
Availability: 15
Description: This is the Solderable Breadboard. A bare PCB that is the exact size as our regula..
Exclude GST: RM19.00
Turnigy Power Bank 10000mAh w/Dual USB Output 2.1A
Availability: 3
The ultimate power solution for all of your mobile devices and micro model batteries! Have you ev..
Exclude GST: RM90.00
Wire Connector Set
Availability: 42
This wire connector set is made by flame retardant material.  It works very well in extreme env..
Exclude GST: RM1.50