EZ-Robot ez-bv4 Camera

EZ-Robot ez-bv4 Camera
EZ-Robot ez-bv4 Camera EZ-Robot ez-bv4 Camera
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Plugs directly into the ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller. Give your ezrobot the gift of sight with crisp 640x480 resolution at 20fps with no latency. The ezrobot camera is capable of color tracking, objection recognition, facial recognition and more. This camera connects directly to the ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller.

Exclusive to the ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller and plugs right in! This camera gives your robot the ability to track objects, colors, faces and more! The Camera Control within EZ-Builder connects to this camera through the EZ-B's Wi-Fi connection - no additional hardware needed. This camera produces a crisp 640x480 resolution at 20fps with zero latency and adjusting exposure.

Simply clip'n'play.

e z bits being manipulated and clipped together.

Customize your robot with ez-bits. All ezrobot Revolution parts include ez-bit connections. Simply slide the tab into the slot to establish a secure bond. The parts may be separated by sliding them apart. Multiple ez-bits can be connected together to make arms, legs, or anything else you dream up!

ezrobots are visual learners.

The camera features advanced vision learning, detection and tracking abilities. Your ezrobot can interact with objects, colors, faces, motion, glyphs, and QR codes!

The future is green.

Roli Revolution robot holding the earth in his claws.

You care about energy consumption with electronics. That's why ezrobot designed an innovative low energy digital switching power supply for our products. While most electronics dissipate heat to lower voltage, our products use an energy efficient power supply which generates practically no heat! Welcome to the future! :)

3D Printable Open Source Parts

A 3D printer.

The CAD design files of each Revolution robot, and all ez-bits, are available in the ez-builder software for free. 3D print your own robot parts, or ask our community to 3D print the parts you choose. Create and share your own designs with other ezrobot users from around the world!




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