3D Printing Service

3D Printing Service
3D Printing Service 3D Printing Service 3D Printing Service 3D Printing Service
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With our experience and knowledge of 3D printing, we are able to provide high quality 3D printing services with affordable prices and advice on the most appropriate 3D printing technology for your application. We are able to print small to large objects, up to 200*200*185mm.

Once you are ready, with your 3D Models, we are ready to print your 3D Models.


1. Z-ABS

  • Economical material for basic applications. Good for printing concept models and mockups for display. Wide range of colors gives the ability to choose different material options for 3D printing gadgets and figurines. Z-ABS is a great solution for beginners.
  • Price: RM1.00/gram


  • Versatile material suitable for printing many different types of models. It is perfect for prototyping models with features similar to products manufactured in the injection molding technology. It’s also suitable for mechanical and chemical post-processing. Objects 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT are strong, stable and time resistant. Z-ULTRAT properties are suitable for use in the evaluation of the object before starting mass production.
  • Price: RM2.50/gram


  • Printer: ZORTRAX M200
  • Duration: Will Advise Depends On 3D Model's Volume

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