Myduino IOT Training Kit (RBT KIT)

Myduino IOT Training Kit (RBT KIT)
Myduino IOT Training Kit (RBT KIT)
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Do you want to learn Arduino in more systematic and organized way? Let's forget about bunch of loose electronic components and learn Arduino in a smarter way.

This is an enhanced Arduino Training Kit. We integrated plenty electronic components on one board, suited to the Arduino learning process. You can learn from basic inputs and outputs, serial communication, up to learning about Internet of Things.


  1. Arduino Nano (Compatible).
  2. NodeMCU (Arduino-WiFi Compatible Board).
  3. Radio HC-12 433MHz Port.
  4. Bluetooth HC-05 Port.
  5. 10K Potentiometer.
  6. 16x2 LCD Display.
  7. DHT11 (Humidity and Temperature Sensor).
  8. Light Sensor.
  9. Real-Time Clock.
  10. Push Button.
  11. Light Emitting Diode (LEDs)
  12. LM35 (Analog Temperature Sensor)
  13. Small Breadboard and Arduino Shield Footprint.
  14. RGB LED (Red, Green, Blue).
  15. Passive Buzzer.

Additional Accessories

  1. USB Cable Type A to Micro x1
  2. Mini Breadboard x1
  3. Arduino Jumper Wires Male-to-Male x65
  4. 5mm Green LED x1
  5. 220 Ohm Resistor x1


The process of learning Arduino could be hard without proper manual guide or book. Therefore, in this kit we also include a colorful guide book, Learning Arduino: From Zero to Hero.

Inside this book, there is the proper presentation about learning Arduino from Zero to Hero. It includes, Idea Description, What You'll Learn, Block Diagram, Schematic Diagram, Board Layout, Example Sketch, Instruction Code, Flowchart, Try it Out, Knowledge Fillers and more.

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