MyDuino Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)

MyDuino Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
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Interested in making neat stuff with an Arduino but not sure where to start? This kit includes all the pieces needed to complete 11 different circuits, along with a experimenter's guide booklet in PDF & breadboard layout sheets. Basically everything you need to be playing within minutes of its arrival. No soldering required!

Includes the Arduino Uno. The new Uno is the latest version after the Duemilanove, with an improved USB interface chip. Like the Duemilanove, it not only has an expanded shield header with a 3.3V reference and a RESET pin (which solves the problem of how to get to the RESET pin in a shield) AND a 500mA fuse to protect your computer's USB port, but ALSO an automatic circuit to select USB or DC power without a jumper! The Uno is pin and code-compatible with the Duemilanove, Diecimilla and older Arduinos so all your shields, libraries, code will still work


  • 13 circuits to explore microcontroller basics. Covering LEDs, transistors, motors, integrated circuits, pushbuttons, variable resistors, photo resistors, temperature sensors & relays.
  • Comes with an Arduino Uno (the latest Arduino) prototyping bundle to make constructing your circuits and future projects easy.
  • Each circuit includes a layout sheet, eliminating guesswork when it comes to component placement.
  • Fully open source, meaning you can download and print additional circuit sheets, or download the component files and make your own circuits.
  • Printed material not included however you can download printable version form
    the link below.


  • Arduino Uno R3
  • 1 x Half size breadboard
  • 65 piece jumper wire
  • USB Cable
  • 9V Battery Clip
  • DC Barrel Jack
  • 5mm Super Bright RGB Led x 1
  • Force Sensing Resistor for detecting touch and squeezing.
  • 5mm Red LEDs (x10)
  • 5mm Green LEDs (x10)
  • Toy DC Motor (x1)
  • Mini Servo Motor (x1)
  • 8-Bit Shift Register (74HC595) (x1)
  • Buzzer / Knock Sensor (x1)
  • Pushbuttons (x2)
  • Potentiometer (10k) (x1)
  • Photo Resistor (x1)
  • Temperature Sensor (LM355A) (x1)
  • Relay DPDT 5V (x1)
  • Transistor (P2N222A) (x1)
  • Resistors (220 Ohm x10, 1k Ohm x5, 10k Ohm x5)
  • Diodes (1N4001) (x2)



Customers may want to avoid the following scenario:

"When the Arduino Duemilanove is connected via USB to my PC and the board is externally powered at the same time, the PC cannot boot."

We are advising customers to avoid plugging in the Arduino via USB and via an external power source while their computer is turned off, it appears it may not allow the PC to boot up. It's resolved by unplugging the Arduino (USB cable). This issue also effects the new Arduino Uno. We have contacted the Arduino team to alert them of this issue.



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