Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pump
Peristaltic Pump
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Do you need to precisely dispense amounts of liquid for your preferred liquid amount project? If so, this "unique pump" could be for you. We called it "peristaltic pump". This pump works through positive displacement, three rollers are attached to a single motor that spins around a tube pinching it closed to force your beverage liquid to be pumped through.



  • Volts:DC 12V
  • Current:80mA
  • Working condition:0-40 degrees
  • relative humidity <80%
  • Flow rate:20-60 ml/min
  • Rotate speed:0.1-100 rpm
  • Motor RPM:5000RPM
  • Driver size(Φx H):Dia.27.6 x Height 37.9 (mm)
  • Pump head size(Φx H):Dia. 31.7 x Height 20.1(mm)
  • pump tube size(IDxOD) :2.5*4.7mm
  • weigh: 200g
  • flow direction: You can control the flow direction by the positive and negative connect.


  • Silent work.
  • Suitable for aquarium, chemicals, liquids, dosing additives.
  • It is very easy take apart and clean, so there is gap between motor and pump.just pull out and push in is ok.

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