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50A Current Sensor(AC/DC)
Availability: 4
Introduction This is a breakout board for the fully integrated Hall Effect based linear ACS758 curr..
RM60.00 RM18.00
Ex Tax: RM18.00
6 DOF Sensor - MPU6050
Availability: 6
 Introduction At the beginning,the inertial measurement unit is an electronic device that me..
RM70.00 RM21.00
Ex Tax: RM21.00
Analog Gas Sensor MQ5
Availability: 5
INTRODUCTION The MQ5 is used in gas leakage detecting equipment in consumer and industry applicat..
RM38.00 RM11.40
Ex Tax: RM11.40
Capacitive Touch Sensor
Availability: 9
  Introduction Are you tired with clicking mechanic button? Try our capacitive touch se..
RM25.00 RM7.50
Ex Tax: RM7.50
DFRduino Nano V3.0
Availability: 11
The DFRduino Nano USB Microcontroller V3.1 (ATMega 328) is a breadboard ready version of the Arduino..
RM98.00 RM29.40
Ex Tax: RM29.40
DIGITAL IR Transmitter Module(Arduino Compatible)
Availability: 3
Introduction IR Transmitter Module is designed for IR communication when paired with IR receiver ..
RM15.00 RM4.50
Ex Tax: RM4.50
Piezo Disk Vibration Sensor
Availability: 4
The DFRobot Vibration Sensor buffers a piezoelectric transducer that responds to strain changes by g..
RM25.00 RM7.50
Ex Tax: RM7.50
Prototyping Shield
Availability: 6
Product Description This is a design for an open-source prototyping shield for Arduino. It h..
RM45.00 RM13.50
Ex Tax: RM13.50
SD Module (Arduino Compatible)
Availability: 6
 Introduction This DFRobot SD card shield is a Break out board for standard SD card. It allo..
RM40.00 RM12.00
Ex Tax: RM12.00
Sharp GP2Y0A21 IR Sensor Mounting Bracket (Orange)
Availability: 10
This mounting bracket is designed for Sharp GP2Y0A21 IR Distance Sensor. ..
RM30.00 RM9.00
Ex Tax: RM9.00
SHT1x Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Availability: 1
Introduction This sensor uses SHT1x sensor.  SHT1x is individually calibrated in a precision..
RM95.00 RM28.50
Ex Tax: RM28.50
Triple Axis Accelerometer MMA7361
Availability: 1
Introduction The MMA7260Q from Freescale is a very nice sensor with easy analog interface. ..
RM65.00 RM19.50
Ex Tax: RM19.50
Xbee Shield For Arduino (no Xbee)
Availability: 4
The XBee Expansion Board is a compliant solution designed to meet low-cost,low-power wireless sensor..
RM38.00 RM11.40
Ex Tax: RM11.40
150M Miniature WiFi (802.11n) Module for Raspberry Pi
Availability: 3
EDUP"s Wireless-N USB 2.0 Adapter allows you to connect your devices such as laptop, PC and miniPC t..
RM45.00 RM13.50
Ex Tax: RM13.50
Analog Alcohol Sensor (MQ3)
Availability: 6
The analog gas sensor - MQ3 is suitable for detecting alcohol, this sensor can be used in a Breathal..
RM35.00 RM10.50
Ex Tax: RM10.50